🚨Prominent Irish journalist labelled a national DISGRACE after shocking treatment of the Irish team

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What a cracking weekend of rugby that was and full credit to the Irish team, the pride they have filed the people of Ireland with has been something special. Sadly for Ireland they came up just short, but not sadly for Ewan MacKenna who has quite frankly been a disgrace over the weekend with the hatred and the tweets that he has been directing at the Irish team.

There might have been a time when rugby was a game only played by the upper class and the fee paying schools. But tell that to Tadgh Furlong from Wexford, tell that to Sean O’Brien from Tullow in county Carlow, tell that to Keith Earls from Moyross in Limerick city.

Whether some people like it to admit it now or not, rugby is a game that everyone can play and enjoy across the island of Ireland. So please stop with the utter rubbish Ewan MacKenna, see some of his tweets below, think this guy needs to seek help or something, not sure what he’s trying to achieve..

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  1. As a Welshman I find his remarks totally unjustifiable about a team who has raised the bar over the last two years.
    He must be a very bitter , sad lonely excuse for a rugby fan

    1. But its not an Irish team that’s kept you there, International players have, as with many other teams World Rugby Cup should be of players born or Naturalised in that country ( albeit where sovereignty also applies) Ireland has not set the bar or raised it they have never won the WRC.

    2. He’s absolutely right. If you remember Foster’s comments about Irelands “CUT AND PASTE” tactics, that was all they played time after time till a hole appeared and from it they can gain points giving the onlookers the impression; Ireland have set the bar🤣🤣🤣 What a joke. New Zealand schools under 15s are more inventive than the current Irish team. Don’t hate but it’s reality👍

      1. Hardly the worst all blacks side if they beat Ireland who.with France have been the top team last few years

    3. No they haven’t raised the bar, Ireland have achieved the bar set by the ABs over the past 2 -3 decades. Ireland are a fantastic team however in no way have they set a bar of any significance.

  2. Goodness! In Fiji we never trash talk our team coz we support them win or lose! If we ever utter a negative comment, we get pulled into line as our boys have given their time and money and hearts to represent our nation, our country and even the Pacific Islands! All we can offer is our 100% love and support as we do not have much to give! This guy is obviously not an Irish fan but a hater! Your national team don’t deserve your vile comments! As we say in Fiji, tam raka! You are not on the field, you shut up!

    1. Are you serious? You had a page online devoted almost entirely to trashing Darryl Gibson the attack coach and many many comments were of an abusive nature about players lol. Maybe you supporters and the team need to learn to lose gracefully because at the moment you have taken SA status as the top ref bashers around the globe 😂

    2. No inventiveness is correct no chip overs no kick throughs no crossfield kicks no drop goals the man is correct

  3. If I was yur Dad, I’d bitch slap ya! Be proud of yur countrymen and all their successes! It’s not easy putting ones body through all those bruising matches and be told you’re a loser? Give credit where it’s due, they’re a great bunch of men! And I’m a kiwi love my All Blacks win or lose!! ( letter to Ewan McKenna)

  4. As a Spingbok supporter i find his comments unjustified and rude. You do not breakdown a team who have been brilliant. He has no place in fugby journalism.

  5. I’m a proud Bok supporter all the way. As passionate as we are, we would not stoop to such levels of abuse, and frankly was hoping we could meet Ireland in the Final. I do believe we will get there.
    Ireland deserved a crack at it, but they did not turn up on the day.
    By all means, be sad, disappointed, even angry, but don’t be a lame keyboard warrior, spewing trash all over a nations treasure. You don’t win 17 internationals on the trot, by being ordinary.
    PS. In the year the Boks won 17 consecutive games, we had a bad World Cup. It happens. Don’t be a d**s!

  6. Suddenly All teams have been ref bashing at this world cup, the thing that Rassie was complaining about and then he was banned, now all can see and feel how it is like to be at the losing end because of a referee

  7. Bad journalism, bad attitude, bad sports commentary. and probably dislike rugby
    The Irish team answered Irelans call,unlike this commentator where shoulder to shoulder has no meaning and definitely he has no back bone

  8. Sorry ass excuse for a McKenna….its a tough tournament (7 matches in 8 weeks) played by the toughest men and women on the planet. Very few sides on the planet are up to the tasks. Ireland can be proud of these men.

    McKenna in the Missouri Ozarks

  9. Well said. 17 in a row is not just luck. All blacks are and always were world class. It was them that got me into loving rugby from a young age. Sport is sport and you win and lose. That’s called a game.

  10. He’s entitled to his opinions. He’s an antivax conspiracy merchant and an Irish wendyball (World leading!) fan, so his opinions are unmitigated shit, but he’s fully entitled (and welcome) to them.

    1. You lost me on ‘anti vax conspiracy merchant.’ He might be wrong on the rugby but he’s right on the vax!

  11. Ewan MacKenna WHO?????
    Never heard of this disrespectful muppet before!
    Probably never even played rugby before!
    You do not represent the majority of proud Irish rugby fans!
    Please crawl back under your rock and stay there!

  12. Worst New Zealand team ever? Is it the first time he’s seen them play? I’ve been watching them since the 70s, and this is a very long way from the worst NZ team in that time. An excellent Irish team, which very nearly won. Luck not on their side this time, and this will not be the last time they play like this.

  13. When your efforts at balanced journalism don’t cut it and you don’t quiet have the skill to wax lyrical with a keyboard all that’s left is sensationalism to gain an audience, it’s best to close your ears and eyes to Mr Mackenna and his unbalanced ramblings

  14. Knowing nothing about rugby is only one of his issues.
    As him how he feels about refugees if you want to see true bile….

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