“UNACCEPTABLE” – George Russell slams FIA decision that gifted Max Verstappen World Championship

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Williams driver George Russell was not best impressed with the manner in which the FIA handled the final race of the Formula 1 season.

Following a campaign like no other, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen went head-to-head in Abu Dhabi knowing that the winner would take it all.

Unfortunately, instead of sitting here and adulating either driver for their incredible performances throughout a championship-winning run, the result has been shrouded in controversy.

The decision-making of the FIA as the safety car ended ahead of the final lap of the race essentially gifted Verstappen his first-ever World Championship.

The fallout has been considerable, with Mercedes lodging TWO appeals against the race result to the FIA, both of which have been rejected.

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One man who made no secret of where his loyalties lie is George Russell, who will be driving for Mercedes instead of Valtteri Bottas next season.

It’s difficult to disagree with Russell, who like any F1 fan would not have wanted to see the result of an extraordinary season be determined by the stewards.

You do get the feeling that it’s time the sport went back to the drawing board in terms of the manner in which it’s governed – because today was farcical.

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