🚨One of the most bizarre ways I’ve ever seen a game finish .. 🤯

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The Brumbies took on the Crusaders this morning in the Super Rugby and the ending to the game was something quite surreal. See it below and read some of the comments underneath ..

MORE HERE: 🚨 Laura Woods involved in serious freak accident so won’t be covering the fight tonight


Harrison Goddard should get some credit here for chasing the kick and putting pressure on the ball in goal essentially forcing the Sader’s player into the foul play slapping the ball dead. If he’s not chasing the Sader’s player easily regathers and kicks it out or grounds it.

How does it feel Crusaders to be refereed the same as every other team for a change?

The ref said you can’t do that in rugby union ? Does that imply it’s legal in rugby league ?
Sheer disbelief on both teams, but reckon he’ll be on the naughty step for a good few weeks after that.


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