🚨Welsh outlet SLAMMED for doing the unthinkable on the Le Roux Malan injury

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There was an awful incident in the New Zealand vs Namibia game last night and WalesOnline has been called out and Ruck for posting images of Namibian centre Le Roux Malan.

It was a horrendous injury and not sure was there a need to post these images..

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It’s a rag. Surely it’s a written rule, not even an unwritten rule that you just don’t. I thought director on live images did very well to respect the player.

It’s like having Gareth Thomas on TV… what’s that about

It was obvious he had a serious injury by the reaction of players and ref to stop the match, as well as the player’s reaction himself. No need to show images. Respect to official broadcaster for not showing any replays. All our best to Le Roux Malan for a speedy recovery.

Hopefully the Namibian centre Le Roux Malan can make a speedy recovery his a talented player for anyone that watches the club rugby over in America.

Some of the comments online..

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  1. I’ve been on rugby and soccer pitches, as a player and coach, witness to horrific injuries like this. The moment that he raised his hand, whilst on the floor, his ankle was in a grotesque position.
    All broadcast was correct in not replacing the moment.

  2. As grotesque as it is, it’s the reality of rugby. I’m all for these images being aired, it lets children understand the risk of playing in contact sports. Why hide the facts.

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