🚨Rugby Journalists in Ireland are coming under heavy fire for pathetic U-turns .. 😬

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What a European final we had on Saturday between both Leinster and Toulouse at a sold out Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in North London.

After the loss, quite a few Irish journalists are doing U-turns ..

The attack is a shadow of its former self. And the new defence isn’t good enough to compensate. Despite being the inferior side on Saturday, Toulouse could easily have won by 15-20 more points considering their disallowed tries & other opportunities. They cut Leinster apart.

That’s a lot of criticism (in a headline) for a match that went to extra time and was so close

While I agree the best team won, it could have gone either way !

From an Ulster fan, is this not all a bit harsh? If the drop goal in the 79th minute had gone over all rugby journalists would be writing a completely different narrative.

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  1. IRFU eggs all in the Leinster box. Hopefully David Humphreys will rebalence things after Nucifora. No use throwing good money after bad on a team that consistently fails to deliver.

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