🚨Johnny Sexton’s World Cup swansong could be in big trouble as new video emerges & details with it

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The legendary Irish and Leinster out-half Johnny Sexton could be under a bit of pressure according to CityAM, this is the last thing that Irish fans want to hear ahead of the Rugby World Cup.

The 37-year-old is alleged to have mouthed obscenities towards the three on-pitch officials – South African referee Jaco Peyper and English linesmen Karl Dickson and Christophe Ridley.

Is it understood that the officials were asked for witness statements, with at least one of them describing Sexton’s behaviour as intimidating.

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It’s going to be a massive few weeks and months for Irish rugby and Ireland will need their captain and their talisman on the pitch if they hope to have any chance of winning the Rugby World Cup. And that is the aim, make no doubt about it.

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  1. hi this is suddenly not have happened
    Johnny Sexton is a good man
    he doesn’t have behaviour problems
    Ireland needs him for the rugby world cup Ireland fans need him
    please don’t banned him
    please don’t
    he is a captain of Ireland
    the Ireland fans need their captain

    1. Hi Sarah Carroll,
      we are the commissioned judges and CEO of the EPCR. We like to read comments on random sites to make our choice. And thanks to you, Sarah Carroll, we’re not going to punish Sexton. Your comment went straight to our oval hearts.
      Johnny Sexton can thank you because without this comment we would have banned him heavily during the World Cup.

      1. Sounds like a garbage reply to me – if he is guilty he must be dealt with accordingly !!

        1. Hello Justin,
          we are the commissioned judges and CEO of the EPCR. We like to read comments on random sites to make our choice. Your comment is a piece of truth. We needed that to make our choice. Sexton will be banned because he is guilty. Thank you Justin for your help.
          EPCR & World Rugby CEO

      2. I think you are a scam. If he has done the dirty he should face the penalty. He is not a gracious professional person.
        He holds grudges against anyone who goes against anything he does or says. He may be a good captain but woe betide anyone to go against him.

    2. Don’t be silly, I’ve been a rugby player and then a follower for 53yrs , NO Irish player has ever been indispensable, Johnny has been a great player for Ireland but not a great role model for young players, we will struggle past the quarter finals in the RWC no matter who is at 10 but this team is established and has good leaders , we could still win a WC without the predictable Johnny loop , we cannot win a world cup without Keenan who is a rare find and causes more teams sleepless nights than old John whinge ever will, nobody has the right to bring my beautiful game into disrepute. Johhny’s skill and previous performances had earned him my admiration but his mouth has never earned my respect, how can I tell young players each week about respecting the officials , I grew up and played in an era when the only two questions you could ask a rugby referee were (1) Can I have a medic please Sir & (2) Can I have an ambulance Sir. We cannot let any player’s mouth or arrogance turn our beautiful respectful game of Rugby Union into a soccer match .

      Courtesy and Civility assured at all times
      Stiobhard De Butileir

      1. Spot on
        How you make your bed is how you lie in it
        He’s not a patch on Ronan O Gara
        Sexton has an attitude problem and bad tempered bad Attitude and bad looser
        A bad example for kids
        He’s 2 old He can’t play 2 matches in a row
        So just Retire

  2. Poor Nigel bases all his views with,this is not soccer. Play something else ffs, you’re getting boring nige.

  3. Should be banned for wearing white runners with a blue suit. Its D4 not Ballykissangel.

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