🚨Is the game of rugby ruined? Viewers were puzzled at one incident in the Challenge Cup final ..😬

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Is the game of rugby ruined as users were confused when refree Mathieu Raynal gave away a penalty at scrum time for God knows what ..

In fairness at that stage in the game, Sharks were well on top in the scrums and the referee had clearly taken the Durban based side due to on going penalties thanks to The Ox and Vincent Koch.

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I watched it, had no idea what it was for, saw the replay where the Sharks’ prop put his knee on the ground, and had less idea.

First half scrum domination from Sharks costing Gloucester here. Shocking decision but Sharks much better over the 80

No doubt. Best team won. Those who know more than me about scrums say this was a perfectly fine decision. So I may give up.

Ever enjoying this preposterous middle class wank fest masquerading as a sport was your first mistake.

The Gloucester prop decided to not take the weight to con the ref. Good to see refs see straight through it.

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  1. You’re concerned about this what about when the gloucester player ran with his elbow in to back of francois venter’s neck and shoved venter into fassi that was jumpin into the air to claim the ball…and then fassi landed on his neck. And the ref called a knock on against the sharks no penalty against gloucester because apparently it was accidental

    1. Totally agree that was a shocking call. SHARKS dominated the scrums, but some calls were strange.

    2. Jumping is a dangerous ploy in Rugby. Can’t understand why people bleat when they get hurt. “When you Play with Fire then don’t be surprised when you get your fingers burned”. World Rugby should never have allowed jumping into the Game. Aside from that it was a very good decision as Sharks Illegal blocking play caused the situation.

      1. please have a look at the raft of players in front of every jump that glouster full back performed …. sorry and you call Sharks players illegal blocking?

  2. Know your rules before writing crap! Its called not taking the hid and that is causing the scrum to collapse!

  3. What a load of amateur bull crap this article is!!!
    The author has zero knowledge of the rules.

  4. French refs are usually to be trusted at the scrum, although they definitely favour power. As a mere spectator, I’v given up trying to understand why the prop who ends up flat on the floor sometimes wins and sometimes loses the penalty. I guess you have to be there…

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