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With England playing their final game of the Autumn series yesterday and ending it with a disappointing result against the Springboks at Twickenham Stadium. News is coming out of Twickenham this afternoon that there is to be a full review of where this England squad are currently at.

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Eddie Jones is a man under pressure and rightfully so, this is England the biggest Union in the World with the biggest pool of players to choose from and those results are simply not good enough, is it time to get rid of Eddie Jones and try for someone like Scott Robertson? There next few days for Eddie Jones could be very interesting indeed…

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  1. He’s a great manager please don’t get rid of him he got us close to winning the world Cup in 2019 you can’t wish for an amazing manager he’s got great players

  2. Not sure if getting rid of Eddie this close to the World Cup would be advantageous but he certainly needs a rocket up his keister if England have a hope next year

  3. Eddy is one of the best coaches in the world. He is still building this squad, give him time. The RWC is only next year.

    1. Rebuilding!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      He has been in the job long enough to have a settled squad that performs. He has a few good performances and a lot of poor ones, his selection is confused to say the least.
      Look at the last 2 6 nations, we finished 4th and 5th out of 6.
      England has more resources than any other rugby nation, more players and more facilities and more money.
      I am sorry to disagree, EJ is not a world class coach, unless you listen him of course.

      1. It’s not about how money or how many players you have to choose from, it’s about the passion and the enjoyment and the desire to win.
        That’s what the South African team has.

    2. EJ is not building his team as he is still using the same team from 5 years ago . The whole team needs a shake up and alot of new blood coming in . Which is what he should of done in these autumn internationals. We have become stale and predictable. We need fresh faces on the team . Arundel, Earl, Radwan for a start

  4. I take it that you 3 in the above comments are not English rugby fans .5 th in the last 2 years in the six nations only 5 wins in the last 13 games please please please get rid off him

    1. To get rid of him this close to a World Cup would be mad. His contract is up after the WC.
      Who would replace him. A poisoned chalice.
      Besides, it’s a team of coaches.

      1. As a Scot looking on, who actually enjoys watching England play, particularly young Marcus Smith, I didn’t realise the situation was as bad as you say. 5th in the 6 nations two years in a row is not good enough for Scotland, never mind England. 5 wins in their last 14 is a very poor return for such a talented pool of players. (I’m assuming your stats are right!). The only caveat to that would be that all these games are against top tier rugby nations who treat England as their World Cup final every time they play. I.would imagine that all of these losses will have been neck and neck and very close matches. Sometimes margins are very thin. England maybe need a bit of a cutting edge. I don’t and never would write England off.

  5. Maybe Eddie should get rid of those ‘old’ arrogant players like nr 12 and nr 4.. Ikone is sooo arrogant.. were totally outplayed by Etzebeth.. or maybe Farrell should move back to nr 10?? My opinion!

    1. Farrell at 12 is a no go.we have outstanding centres and backs in England ranks like arundel/freeman.Tuilagi is a busted flush.vunipola is past it.may hadn’t had a pass with any room to move in 18 months either at Glos or England.
      But at end of the day our scrum was just flattened by s.a. And if we don’t get the ball it doesn’t matter how good your backs are.

  6. I think is the time for Eddie to go he’s a good run with england. Either that or he stays and makes bolder choices

  7. Too late for RWC. He’s wasted the last 3 years sticking with players past their sell by date and changing tactics depending on the opposition instead of picking a game plan that suits England. Semi final and final of the last RWC are perfect examples.

  8. Eddie needs to wake up and smell the coffee! The Vunipola brothers are no longer up to it. We have far better props and 8’s in waiting. Itoje is NOT a flanker, he is a Lock! Ben Youngs, like the Vunipola bros is past his international best. We need impact players if we are going to take on the likes of the AB’s and the Boks. We also need to forget about kicking for the 3, take the tap and go for the drive. The Southern Hemisphere teams have proved it pays dividends!

  9. Coaches are ultimately responsible. However, I remember at the last World Cup England put in a final winning performance in the semi’s against the AB’s. They peaked too early.
    They seemed tired. Springboks were not all that spectacular, Eddie should have a greater pool t9 choose from and rest some players. There are some players who should not be in the squad and Eddie must let them go. The board should not kneejerk a reaction. England are not the best team, you are entitled to lose a game once in a while. The board should take their ego’s off the table

  10. If Eddie could see the wood through the trees.
    There are better players out there, why won’t he pick them? This lot have lost their fight and need better players to pick them up again to the level we were at in 2019.

    1. England are exactly where they should be, given the quality of their do.estic rugby talent. Anyone who believes it comes down to anything else is deluded.

  11. He needs to go – constantly plays players out of their best /club positions and so much more talent that doesn’t get a look-in – time for change

  12. Eddie picks the wrong backline, his attack maps suck, they look predictable and boring. Unless he is actually leaving a lot of things io his sleeve (which i doubt), you can basically bet England won’t win the wc.

  13. Very experienced coach. England need a shake up of players, just not good enough at top level if you want to build bring in you younger players that are on the fringe.

  14. Difficult call. We will not win the WC because of a lack of on field leadership. There is no recognisable team personality and core cohesion. Over processed and zero initiative. 10,12,13, do not fit and back row lacks joint purpose. RFU show some mettle and sack coach.

  15. Words almost fail me. I am astounded there is even 1 comment of support in this thread never mind more!
    Jones is not a great coach, he has one of the largest pools of players in the world to choose from and he still fails!
    He has no idea of a game plan, he has no plan B, he picks players out of position and sticks with players way past their best (Farrell and both Vunapolas). He won’t pick a proper back row despite there being some of the best in the world in England.
    He is incompetent! He should have been sacked 2 years ago. He has turned English rugby into an embarrassment and laughing stock!
    Sack him now!!
    PS. I am a level 3 coach so actually know what I am talking about.

  16. 💯 love Eddie not a one trick pony the guy class read his book loves expansive rugby ,another Scottish person 100%

  17. Just need to decide which style to play and when. Marcus now has found his feet in the team and does not need Farrell outside him. Will open up a more free flowing game. Have Owen on the bench to steady the ship once a lead is built. Obviously against some teams, South Africa included, you can reverse it to explore an exciting finish. That is the main example but can be used across the team so run with 2 styles every match

  18. The boks winger blocked Steward from tackling first try. Es picked the ball up while on the floor 2nd try.
    2 most unlike Farrell penalty misses.
    We are not far away.
    There has been a glamor for new players not the old guard.
    Marcus Smith is not even close to George Ford in game management yet.

  19. Not a hard call this close to rwc at all. You/we will lose with him. The worst that could happen is that we lose without him.

  20. Stick with him.. He’s the best person around to get things back together.
    By doing away with him will increase our problems.

  21. Time for new blood Mr Jones Brilliant win by our Springboks We are the World Champions after all Welldone Bokke we’re proud of our men in Green and Gold 👏👏👏💪💪💪🔥🔥

  22. Eddie is passed his sell by date. He needs to move on. England need a spark. Atm they are not playing as a team they are very disjointed which is effecting their play. They’ve lost their mojo. They seem frustrated stresses and under alot of pressure. They need a new invigorating leadership. They will get back to who they were.

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