🚨The Sunday Game ‘Slammed’ for talking about the drinking culture in the GAA when there’s a way bigger problem with substance abuse

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During The Sunday Game last night there was a conversation about the drinking culture in the GAA. A lot of people were confused as to why this was brought up on the show, when there’s a way bigger problem with substance abuse, not just in the GAA both in Ireland as a whole.

See the discussion and some of the responses below;

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Another weekend and one of the biggest hurling games of the season wasn’t on the telly, I think that should be discussed more to be honest.. Maybe this is a problem in the GAA, but it’s a problem in the country rather then one organisation. Interesting debate to hear this all the same..

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  1. What a crowd of clowns,R T E have gathered up .There is no need for all these clowns to be on the programme, just ,1 person to present the show and reel off the matches and we can judge for ourselves .

  2. O my, you would think from listening and reading that it’s only the GAA that have issues with drink. From what I see drink is part of most sports from darts upwards. Not to knock any sport but Rugby revolves around drink. Take the Champions Cup, Leinster v La Rochdale, Heineken the main sponsor will invest thousands of euro promoting their brand of larger and that simply business. Guinness sponsor the 6 Nations but the GAA have moved away from alcohol sponsorship and rightly so. I believe that as a community we almost blame everyone for the sins of the few. I don’t fall out the door of a pub following a GAA or Rugby game but I do like the option of a pint when watching either.

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