🚨Local priest absolutely ‘destroys’ RTE in his sermon & tells people not to pay their TV license 😬

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There was a mass last Sunday somewhere in the country, the location is unknown and the local priest absolutely destroyed The Late Late Show that went on last week where they had their Eurovision special ..

Have a listen below and see some of the comments underneath ..

Fair play to him if only there were more priests like him. Wait till he sees what they have in libraries for children

What a legend.. that man could convince me to return to the fold.. bravo father

church calls out the eurovision but does not condemn the abuse of enoch burke. the church … gutless as ever

Thank you Father. We need the intelligence of those who have years of liturgy study.

“let us come back to the reality of life”. Says the man who gave up his, all to worship a fictional character and preach to six elderly people every Sunday about morality and ethics. A man with no kids of his own but knows what’s best for yours. He is obsolete. A relic.

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