🚨Caitriona Perry tore the head of RTE Sport a new one on the Six O’Clock News 🍿

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RTE news presenter Caitriona Perry took on the head of RTE sport on the six o’clock news this week. It’s a story the whole country is talking about, games behind the pay per wall. Absolute joke shop, people already paying their TV license and now RTE expect people to fork out more money for games on GAAGO.

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This is a story that is going to keep on going all this summer, this is a bit of a disaster to be honest, we were better off with Sky Sports..

Declan McBennett: No, the most important games largely Caitriona, as you can well imagine, is defined by where you come from. This weekend, the most important game for many people, in Louth, is the Leinster final. Last weekend, it was Clare and Sligo, and Derry and Armagh…

What a load of rubbish lad!

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  1. I’m sure you can get it free on an iptv service. They won’t be long scrapping the idea if that took off… 😁

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