🚨Roy Keane reveals what Sir Alex Ferguson did when he arrived late to training after ‘one or two’ the night before

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The former Irish midfielder has revealed what Sir Alex Ferguson did to him when he turned up late after having ‘one or two’ the night before.

The former Manchester United manager has never been shy about letting his players know how he feels with the term ‘hair dryer treatment’ being coined as a result.

While speaking on Sky Bets’ Stick to Football show, Roy Keane revealed how Ferguson reacted when he turned up late to a training session.

“When I first signed for Manchester United, I was still living at my house in Nottingham.” He said.

“I’d been at United a few months, and I went up to watch a reserve game, and went for one or two drinks after,

“My plan was to come back that night, but obviously everything is subject to change. I woke up in Nottingham that morning about 9:30 and got to training around 12, and obviously [Sir Alex] Ferguson went mad.

“I don’t think I got fined for that – Ferguson gave me a bollocking as he does, but he played me in the next game, and I scored – that bit of guilt kicked in.

“That wasn’t the only time I was late – I wasn’t late to training, or when I was with Ireland.”


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