🚨Roy Keane reveals what really happened when Sir Alex Ferguson kicked a boot at David Beckham

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The Manchester United legend has revealed more information about the infamous incident between Sir Alex Ferguson and David Beckham.

The Scottish manager famously left Beckham with a cut above his eye after reportedly kicking a boot at the English midfielder.

The incident occurred after United were launched out of the FA Cup after losing to Arsenal in the fifth round.

Speaking on Sky Sports on Sunday, Roy Keane revealed what happened.

‘I think the manager had a go at him for not tracking back and I think Becks said something back.’ He said via the Daily Mail.

‘It was an accident! He struck it well, but he was so unfortunate, honestly.

‘If it was anybody else it would have been fine but because it was Becks at the time, and obviously Becks was so high profile, and like Jamie [Redknapp], a good-looking guy, that created one or two issues.