Roy Keane risks not getting out of Qatar alive as he doubles down on ‘disgraceful’ World Cup in Qatar

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The former Manchester United and Irish captain Roy Keane was on ITV for their World Cup coverage and the Cork man doubled down on his stance that the World Cup should not be on in this part of the world. “This World Cup is stained, that’s the bottom line.” Roy Keane ends Qatar 2022 as he started it.

Fair play to Roy Keane his spot on, joke how Qatar got the tournament and a joke it being on in Qatar and in the middle of the football season. See his comments in the video below;

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FIFA should hang their heads in shame and the amount of money that has been sports washed at this tournament is no ones business…

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  1. Roy Keane is absolutely right, I worked there for a short time, workers brought to work on school buses, then back to camp, passports taken and they were the migrant workers treated like prisoners. Horrendous choice, that we all looked on at.

    1. No different to California and no doubt you don’t have a problem going there in 2026. Double standards abound in the West. The Americans and to a lesser extent the British have killed millions of people since WW2 all of them non European in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Central America, Libya not to mention the scandalous Guantanamo.

  2. GUUUU ONNN you good thing Roy
    Here is a man who will tell you exactly how it is is he never shies from the truth

    1. Well said like an opinionated tw@t who has selective amnesia and completely lost the plot desperate to be relevant.
      The sanctimonious hypocrisy of him beggars belief.
      FIFA is a cesspit snakes and the game has been steeped in controversy and infamy from corrupt officials to referees and players whose services can be bought.
      The days of sportsmanship and fair play are dead and buried since the day the betting syndicates are involved.
      The whole game is just a mega money laundering, dirty business.

  3. What was criminal from this opinionated Cork traitor was his total vindication, he granted himself from his treacherous treatment of his own kin & Country . And now is carrying on with his own version of Haz & Meg’s. Poor Roy Boy !! Boo hoo hoo !! Trade’s on Controversy , stop giving a clown like this a stage .

    1. Ur a clown. He earned his stage…. And even you comparing him to haz and megs shows Ur stupidity. “Haz and megs wer 100% right to do what dey did.

      1. If he had any morals he would nt have gone to Quatar himself. He getting paid to be there. A pure hypocrit. A coward too and a bully. Pick his fights but was terrified of Vinnie Jones and Big Duncan. Backed down from Jon Walters too..


      1. He might not need the money but he is greedy and if he believed in hat he says then don’t go to Quatar. I’m sure he will donate all he earned on Quatar to charity😁The likes of him make me sick

  5. Most people like him who grieve over this beautiful world cup are supporters of the LGBT because they are perverts themselves. Qatar is no righteous than any European country and so who are you to point finger at them . Even FIFA themselves headed by Europeans are stained with corruption and greed and so what are you saying here?

    1. Right-minded people ARE supporters of LGBT Rights, otherwise known as Human Rights or Civil Rights. If you consider LGBT a perversion, then I fear you are subject to an even greater perversion known as Religion.

      Qatar is a theocratic, authoritarian dictatorship, and if you support it, please go and live there.

      And you, my friend, are a homophobic Ah-soul.

      1. You say go live there, at the same time you can go to the world cup and expect the country to follow your ethics.

        It was plain to see before what was going to happen. Those that went all dressed up in LGBT clothing and what not. Or just simply not following what was asked. The only people at the world cup this time were the rich and reporters. Qatar sold tickets cheap to locals to fill it

  6. Look it’s over kf Roy says this now ,it Bears no fruit , just trouble I would totally dismiss this allegation,as it should have been done before any world cup started ,give this no attention and congratulate all who played and there was a lot of enjoyment ,today is now just live for now Roy with much respect for you and everyone

  7. Thank yuou ,I felt I hato reply as I don’t watch a lot of soccer, but I enjoyed looking at the skill and speed,as believeable, and not only for me but lots of people young and old ,and Roy is not thinking about this,if something needs to be done do it before it begins

  8. Why were not all these issues brought to attention whe qatar got the word cup years ago,human rights ect, when word cup started alot of these soccer pundits jumped on the band wagon, when football was only supposed to matter, Roy Keane every the same whe horse has bolted, he did similar to republic of Ireland

  9. I personally did not watch a minute of this tournament, as a one-person boycott of a corrupt state and an equally corrupt FIFA.

    I thought it was a missed opportunity for national football teams to do likewise.

    But then, they hadn’t even the guts to stand up to FIFA by allowing their captains wear the already-watered-down One Love armband.

    A plague on all your houses.

    1. 1. Fair point … he should not have been there- hypocrisy to say it now after playing his part & collecting his silver!!
      Also he only mentions the corruption around winning the hosting of the event but not the slaves that died building it.

      2. Don’t forget that FIFA ‘officially’ say
      NO to RACISM.
      But turned a blind eye to the thousands of slaves that died building the stadium… many from simple dehydration.

      While Epstein was a key donor & member of CFR & Trilateral Commision (both control MSM) … we only heard about ONE missing child MADELINE… for 13 years!!

      No mention of…

      *> 1 million kids sold annually by parents for as little as $37 … to feed the remaining starving family.

      * 50 Million slaves in permanent unpaid servitude in a Billion industry!–en/index.htm

      But then again…

      The media only mention $21 Trillion unaccounted spending by Pentagon in 2019 audit followed by a $35 Trillion adjustment in 2020 … the media forgot to connect Kevin Ships announcement that he was given permission to say the Deep State had stolen ALL of USA health, welfare & social cash for all 330 million Americans in 2020!!

  10. Roy Keane is the same as that clown in Dublin Eamonn Dunphy. Jumping on the band wagon for brownie points. Considering Ireland is the most crooked country in the western hemisphere, back handers for land zoning crooked politicians, de elooers, councillors, Delaney from the FAI who should be in prison along with Bertie Aherne, the cover ups in childrens foster homes cover ups in Tuam, Varaskar giving medical contracts to his mates, ceooked Gardai, croojed judiciary system, and Roy has the neck to call Qatar crooked when the man knows fuck all about Middle Eastern culture. The thick paddy Roy Keane casting dispersions on other cultures and way of life is an embarrassment.

    1. Michael O’Connell, If you think this country is so bad then why are you staying here??? I suggest you migrate to Qatar and then you will learn what abuse and corruption really is

  11. Who built Dubai and the rest of the UAE ?how many millionaire footballers have homes there or spend their holidays there…not a word about that.
    Roy Keane walked away from one world cup..why did he not walk away from this one.?Money that’s why…it was a great world Cup.

  12. I’m afraid the whole world is corrupt.
    There are human rights abuses in every country including our own lovely little country.
    But we seem to pick and choose which countries to point out these abuses.
    Bush and Blair went after Sadam Hussain and hanged him.The Americans went after Gadaffi and killed him.They went after Binladin an killed him and rightly so.
    Now Putin is murdering thousands of Ukrainian men women and children.China is the worst country for human rights abuses. I don’t see anyone invading Russia or China.WHY?Money Oil Gas.Thats real corruption.
    Easy to pick on easy targets like the world Cup in Qatar. It doesn’t cost us anything.

  13. Well done Roy. I love sport and happy for Argentina’s victory but FIFA is a disgrace for ignoring human rights and the colossal waste in building stadia that have no future use while many parts of world suffer from famine and climate change

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