Roy Keane flew home from Qatar World Cup as ‘people were getting on his nerves’

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In typical Roy Keane fashion, the pundit returned home for a few days before flying back to Qatar as people were ‘ getting on his nerves’.

The former Manchester United midfielder has never been known for his patience and has already provided viewers with serval box-office moments at this year’s World Cup. Most recently, the ITV pundit has been involved in a heated feud with what appears to be the whole of Brazil as he criticised their excessive dancing in their 4-1 victory over South Korea.

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Explaining his decision, Keane said:  “I had a break. I needed a break. My tolerance levels [were starting to go]. People get on my nerves.”

Keane described those people as “fellow pundits”.

Heated arguments and clashes with his colleagues have been a staple of Keane’s punditry throughout his career and this revelation is unlikely to shock any of his many fans.

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  1. People should know Keano says it like it is , not what everyone wants to hear, He said was the same on the pitch !!

    1. Most of the pundits arse kisses don’t criticise players because they know them don’t tall it as they should be kean olds Back

  2. Well he doesn’t do anything but look at the negativity side of the game so, I am glad to see the back of him.

  3. that would be graeme souness who said to him “if you shut up for a minute you might just learn something.” a bit optimistic by graeme but I share his sentiment.

  4. Some of the pundits should not be there anyway , as a Welshman good luck to the England team and I hope they go all the way the only problem I have with that is we won’t stop hearing about it for the next fifty years , and some of the pundits seem to ram it down yourthroats no wonder Roy Keane is fed up with them

  5. I turn on when the game starts something else at half time sack on then off when the game finishes.
    Do not want their opinions.
    Sometimes watch the game without the commentators

  6. Oh grow up Roy!

    You get on the nerves of plenty of people with your whinging ways, and you’re in a privileged paid position to be a football pundit, but if you don’t like it, kindly
    f**k off into obscurity, some of us won’t miss you!

  7. As a Scotsman we like millions of others have to listen to the biased drivel served up by overpaid pundits on the world cup or other football competitions…some are good like Shearer and Neville others are just seat warmers..Keane sometimes has obscure views and I’m sure he’s a difficult person to have in your company but ITV always seem to invite him to the gig whatever it is so they know what to expect…..

  8. You won’t get much from that Scotsman What a team player good man Roy keep doing what you do best keep the media fed Your football can’t be questioned or contributing to charities

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