🚨Roy Keane and the selfie story that proves his a big softy at heart

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The former Leeds United and Ireland defender Ian Harte was speaking on the House of football pod on SportsJoe and told a great story at one of the Irish functions and Roy Keane and getting a selfie with the former Manchester United and Irish captain.

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Speaking on the House of football pod and quoted by SportsJoe, Ian Harte said the following;

“I was doing a gig at the Irish soccer writer awards, a few years ago. Roy and Martin O’Neill were in charge of the Irish team, at the time.

“It was a big, black-tie affair. I went on stage, and Roy Keane was my idol, my hero. Before I started the gig, I got everyone’s attention and said, ‘Roy, I have to ask. Can me and you get a selfie after this?’

“I knew what his answer was going to be. And he just cut me down – ‘NO!’ – and the whole place exploded, laughing. I was off and running.

“I did about 25 minutes of a set and Roy, when I was looking down, was laughing a bit… When the gig was over, I was walking past him. He leaned back in his chair, he grabs me and goes, ‘That was very funny, I really enjoyed that. Of course you can have a selfie but let’s go outside in the lobby. Because if we do it here, everyone will be asking for one’.”

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