Joe Brolly slams Roy Keane for complete hypocrisy at the World Cup

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The former Manchester United and Irish captain Roy Keane is over in Qatar with ITV for the World Cup and yesterday the Cork man said the tournament should not be held in Qatar for some of their beliefs etc…

Former RTE pundit and All-Ireland winner with Derry Joe Brolly took to his twitter yesterday to point out the hypocrisy from the seven time Premier League winner.

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Joe Brolly does have a bit of a point to be fair, none of the pundits should be there, if you feel so strongly refuse to go. Eric Cantona is one of the only few that took a stand against this tournament. This World Cup will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

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  1. Must say I’m massive fan of Roy Keane,but on this occasion anyone involved in the world cup pundits players etc I believe should have had nothing to do with it

  2. This is totally hypocritical of Roy Keane. If the World Cup should not be taking place in Qatar, why are you and others there taking the big money? I agree with Joe Brolly. If there are so many human rights breaches why not stay at home and air your views through the media. This World Cup will be remembered for the greed and the atrocities within Qatar.

  3. Keane Didnt Show Much Respect on the Pitch to His Opponents or to His Country when He Deserted Them in Saipan..Hypocrit..30 Pieces of Silver in Qatar will do Him Ok..☘🇮🇪.

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