Why Roy Keane is the best and worst pundit on Sky Sports

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The former Manchester United and Irish captain comes from the North side of Cork city and anyone that knows anyone from the North side of the city, knows that tend to not mix their words and say excatly what’s on their mind. The 50 year old pundit has been on Sky Sports for the last three or four years since being let go from the Irish management set up with Martin O’Neill. Roy Keane might have been in the Irish job longer if himself and O’Neill used Overlyzer

In that time he has been extremely entertaining be it with Micah Richards, Gary Neville or even Jamie Carragher who he had a massive dispute with over the weekend. But what makes Roy Keane the best pundit on Sky Sports?

Honesty, Roy Keane will tell it exactly how he sees it, no matter who it offends. That is one of the reasons you have to respect him. It can also be he’s downfall having done the exact same thing at the end of his Manchester United career and this was the very reason Sir Alex Ferguson showed him the door.

Blunt, Keane doesn’t care who he slags off having already slagged off half if not the whole Manchester United dressing room. Particularly Harry Maguire, Pogba, Rahsford and Fred. One of the reasons he probably finds it hard to get back in and be given a second chance in management.

Naturally funny, he probably knows it but Roy Keane is actually genuinely funny, some people try to be funny, but the Cork man naturally has it. With his cheeky smile and some of his cheeky responses when asked the questions. You can see why he was and still is so popular in the UK.

What makes Keane the worst pundit on Sky Sports?

While we love all the stuff I have stated above in honesty, bluntness and naturally funny. Keane doesn’t offer much insight into the game, where have you seen him pull out the digital board and go through which player does what well and that bad, he doesn’t. Probably one of the reasons he struggles to get a job in management, the game has moved on and when you compare it to Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher’s analysis. They really go deep in and look at every moment and analysis everything in great detail, using the Sky Sports technology to great effect.

While Roy Keane is worth every penny for Sky Sports, things have to be put into perspective. Hopefully he stays on our screens for a long time to come, otherwise we’ll be out of a job…

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