🚨People were loving Roy Keane’s reaction to England’s late winner .. 🤣☘️

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The former Manchester United and Ireland captain Roy Keane was on ITV last night for their coverage of the Euros in Germany. England managed to over come the Dutch last night to book their place in the final of the tournament against the Spanish on Sunday.

MORE HERE: 🚨Virgil Van Dijk: “It says it all that the ref went in quite quickly after the game and had no time to shake his hand.”

Hahaha. Up the Rebels! Watched the penalties vs. Switzerland at Boars Head after the hurling, and after every England goal everyone yelled Up the banner!

Gas how he played for Man U but still can’t bring himself to give England a little cheer! I’m Irish and my husband is English through gritted teeth sometimes I’m happy to see them win, ok rarely 😅

What a bleak 10 days ahead of us all, England #Euro24 winners, Kildangan North Tipperary winners, and Cork All Ireland hurling champions. We are all Spain, Toome (well not really) and Clare

Hopefully he’s livid that the All-Ireland is in July and not on Irish Champions Weekend.

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