Roy Keane’s impression of Harry Maguire is Just Brilliant

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The former Manchester United and Irish captain is on Sky Sports today for Spurs vs Manchester United and of course the 50 year old pundit is as blunt as ever and was not please with Harry Maguire’s interviews during the week saying there was no emotion to him. Keane thinks the former Leicester City defender sounded like a robot, Keane was always a player like he is a pundit that says what he thinks.

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Good to have Keane back, he was badly missed last weekend at Old Trafford.

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  1. Look no matter what window dressing we do. The fact remains Ole is not a good coach and lacks experience to pilot the affairs of MAN ITD. Maquire is just one player out of 11 and for me he is doing well no matter what Roy says. Life itself is a combination of ups and down and so it is in football.
    Very painful we loss to liverpool so embrassingly. But surely there is a lesson to learn from that. Pls Ole is our problem let us get rid of him.
    You know it he has no credentials. To tell the truth no premier league club could have engage ole as a coach. But politics is surely killing UTD.
    Frergurson no doubt has done well for utd and may remain tto be a most successful coach in history for a long time.
    But for me he is a failure and i have no respect for him cos he never create a successor at utd and for me successes are measured by how far an org moves to better successes as you left. But Alas always getting involved in subirtaging utd by recommending clowns to head the coaching crew.
    For me Ferguson should step aside and genuine people with genuine interest should take over. Not someone that is paranoid for someone that would come and break his records.
    Is a shame people are not accessing Ferguson the other way. Past is history. Let us look at his negative contribution now.

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