Roy Keane: FAI’s future not ‘all doom and gloom’

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By Denise O’Donoghue

Roy Keane: FAI's future not 'all doom and gloom'

Roy Keane believes the FAI’s fortunes can turn around if the Ireland team performs well in the coming months.

The former assistant manager of the Republic of Ireland said the FAI needs a morale boost to improve its fortunes.

“It’s tough going. It’s tough but maybe it probably had to get so bad where there was kind of a new start. I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom. I think things can change quickly. We know what sport is like,” he said.

“Niall’s back on board. Niall will have a good go off it, why not? I’ll give him a chance. But things can change quickly. Irish fans are the best in the world, great supporters, and things can change quickly.

If the team can qualify you’ll see a huge change in momentum and hopefully, things will turn.

He added he enjoyed his time working with the FAI. “From a coaching point-of-view I loved it, I thought there was some brilliant people there.”

Speaking on the Late Late Show, Keane said he would like to manage another team but said he would only accept a “good offer”.

“I think I deserve another crack at it. I’m very lucky, I have a really good life now. I can pick and choose what I want to do. It’d have to be a good offer and the worry is probably won’t be a good offer. My CV doesn’t warrant Real Madrid calling me but I also don’t want to go down too low.

“Going to Sunderland wasn’t exactly an easy job and Ipswitch, they were tough jobs. Ireland don’t qualify for tournaments that easily, these were tough jobs. I think the next offer I might get I know will be a tough job so I’ll just have to weigh it up.

I have a feeling in my bones, I think probably something will come up in the next few months and I’ll have a look at it.

Earlier, the Manchester United legend was left speechless after meeting team fan Daragh Curley, who made headlines after writing to Jurgen Klopp asking him to stop Liverpool winning matches.

Klopp replied to the letter, explaining why millions of Liverpool fans around the world would not like his team to lose games.

Daragh asked Keane what his childhood dream was, which Keane said was to play football professionally.

“The dream was to play football for a living,” he said. “I was a very lucky boy. It’s amazing to make a career out of something you love doing anyway so I’m very, very fortunate. I had a little bit of luck along the way and I managed to get there.”

Keane asked Daragh about his own dream, to which the boy responded: “To be a professional rugby player.”

“So you want to play for Munster I take it?” he quipped after a moment’s silence. “Good luck with that, boy. You follow your dreams.”

Keane said his children often tease him about his mood.

“My kids always say to me, ‘are you happy dad?’. I say yeah and they say ‘well tell your face’. But I am, I am happy. I don’t show it.”

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