Roy Keane Was Back Home to Support Cork Penny Dinners

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The former Manchester United and Irish captain comes home to Cork quite a bit and has recently lent his support to Cork Penny Dinners. Speaking to the Evening Echo today the former 50 year old midfielder said;

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“I’m just here to show my face at Penny Dinners, and show a little bit of support for people who are doing amazing work.

“The help they give to people in terms of people in recovery, people looking for a cup of tea, a bite to eat, a chat, the things we all take for granted, everybody knows what Caitríona does with the volunteers, it’s amazing, it’s absolutely fantastic, and they help so many people.”

He said he was extremely impressed by the new centre, on the site of the old D&A O’Leary Printworks, a property purchased by Penny Dinners for €180,000 and completely rebuilt.

“It takes a lot of effort and money, a lot of voluntary work, with people rolling their sleeves up and giving a helping hand,”

Roy Keane with Caitríona Twomey and Martin O'Reilly (12) from Farranree, at the official opening of the Cork Penny Dinners Caitríona Twomey Wellness Centre on James Street. Picture: Donal O'Keeffe.

Caitríona Twomey, Cork Penny Dinners co-ordinator, thanked Keane for his kindness and said he is not just admired in Cork, he is loved, he looked genuinely touched, before playing up his embarrassment for laughs.

“Am I supposed to say something after that?” he asked, to laughter, before adding: “Carry on, that was lovely!”

He praised the volunteers who keep the show on the road for Penny Dinners, and jokingly declared: “And no photographs or nothing, brilliant”, before obliging anyone who wanted a picture with him.

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