Roy Keane buying Patrick Vieira an ice-cream in Warsaw is a story we thought we’d ever hear

When you say the names Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira the first thing you’ll probably think of is that infamous night at Highbury.

It’s no secret that the two were warriors for their respective clubs and their rivalry was one of the greatest in Premier League history.

Both men strived for perfection and the battles between Manchester United and Arsenal for Premier League titles were as raw as football can get.

You may find strange to believe that the two get on like like two old pals now that they’ve hung up their boots and look back on their careers.

During a podcast for William Hill, Tony Pastor recalled a story of a time Roy Keane bought his ‘bitter rival’ an ice-cream.

The two were in Warsaw doing punditry for the Euro 2012 championships and one day when they were out and about Keane offered to buy Vieira an ice-cream.

It’s sort of hard to think of the two chilling in the sun enjoying an ice-cream together but there you go – they did.

Video courtesy of William Hill via Twitter
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