Sasha Banks reveals she was “p***ed off” with WWE’s preferential treatment of this fighter

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Sasha Banks has revealed that she was “p***ed off” with Ronda Rousey’s preferential treatment soon after joining the WWE.

Rousey, who is one of the most iconic fighters in the history of the UFC, became the latest from the MMA community to make the switch to the WWE after her fighting career took a nosedive.

With Rousey already having been a superstar prior to her arrival at the WWE, it sounds as though he got the princess treatment from those pulling the strings at the top of the company.

While you can understand why she was preferentially treated, being a huge name and a major draw to the WWE cards she was to appear on, Sasha Banks has revealed her distaste for it.

Quoted by, Banks explained that she was left “p***sed off” by the WWE’s decision to command Rousey’s wishes after she left the UFC to join the company.

“I can only speak for myself, there might be a little tension but I don’t know about real heat.”

Ronda Rousey appeared in the WWE after her UFC career came to an end

  “I was p***ed off that Ronda Rousey could come in, get more money than me, get a locker room instead of me, bring all these people backstage and get more time [on screen] than me.”

“Excuse me? Who is you and what you do? Besides respecting everything she’s done in the UFC and the fight world, when it comes to the squared circle, that’s my home, that’s work, that’s why I’m a legit boss. Not Ronda Rousey.”

Banks does have some justification for her anger, but she does come across as rather bitter over Rousey’s treatment. It’s not a particularly good look for her, is it?

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