🚨An absolute shocker for the GAA today at Croke Park as supporters are not happy .. 😬

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Dublin took on Roscommon today at Croke Park and the result is what everyone expected, a comfortable win for the Dubs. The main talking point again this weekend though is the low attendance that’s turning up to these games.

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Dublin are due to take on Mayo next in what is supposed to be played in a neutral venue.

One thing is fore sure, the GAA are really going to have to have a long hard look at venues and even the calendar of the season.

Surely the GAA Championship should be June, July, August when the rugby and football seasons are over.

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  1. The football season in Ireland is not over as this you state. The league of Ireland runs from February to October. Oh you meant the English Premier League? Sorry I thought this was about sport in Ireland.

    1. heiniken cup, english and scottish cup finals yesterday ; why would anyone go to croker to see that rubbish

  2. The Gaa have to back to the old way s for games .Finals are for
    September month.
    The Gaa.killing our great tradition. Rip

  3. A couple of points of clarification needed here. as our ‘journalist’ colleagues didnt clarify:

    1. This was designated as a Dublin Home game. Dublin Co. Board have designated Croke Park as their Home venue. If thete is an isdue here, it should be addressed to the Dublin Board.

    2. Dublin’s next game is away v. Cavan… not Mayo

    3. The Dublin v. Mayo game is designated as a ‘neutral venue’ game. As Dublin have designated Croke Park as their Home venue, it wnn’t be in Croke Park.

    Perhas the authors might redraft their piece…..

    1. So you are saying that because Louth have played in inniskeen they have to play all they’re home games there now? Dublin can play anywhere we win wherever we go typical mayo fan

  4. Need no supporters at these games at all seeing gas so greedy putting all matches on gaago and not rte for older people and those with no access to gaago

  5. It take a crowd 35000 for croke park to break even. Dublin Co board should be made to pay the difference.

  6. The GAA are killing the game. They’ve tampered with the rules, the structures and the timetabling. The minors have been swept to one side. . Is the game better as a result? Absolutely not. . As for the gaago. . An old fellow like me has no chance. . I feel sad that the game I loved is dying. . Please wake up GAA hierarchy and save the game. . I had high hopes when Mr. Burns took over, but I’m not so sure now. . I feel he may be getting swamped by the hounds. .

    1. Largely agree with you. The game is not entertaining for the neutral spectator anymore. It’s boring and robotic . No wonder crowds are smaller, only supported by the diehard tribes . Hand passing needs to be curtailed. Is this the Derry goalkeeper of old?

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