(Photos) Wayne Rooney’s £150k Land Rover defaced by hateful messages and PENISES

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Wayne Rooney returned to his £150k Land Rover to find that locals had drawn penises into the dirt on the car, reports The Sun.

Rooney is still plugging away at Derby County, despite the immense number of setbacks he and his players have faced in the first half of the Championship season.

England’s all-time top scorer took his mind off of management to head to a Christmas market in what The Sun describe as a “busy town centre,” parking his car in a spot he probably shouldn’t have.

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The result? Not a parking ticket, rather some wannabe artists with a sense of humour decided to scribble into the dirt that covered his £150k Land Rover.

Rooney returned to his car to find the word “w***er,” several penises as well as the message “lose weight.”

While we can’t condone going up to someone’s car and writing hateful messages, we recognise that there are plenty of fans that are going to see the funny side of this. Let’s hope that Wazza did, too.

In future, he ought to be more wary about where he’s leaving his car and should consider the possibility of upsetting the locals. He probably ought to clean it, too.

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