When the unthinkable happened at the snooker, even Ronnie found the funny side .. 🙈💨

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The match was Judd Trump vs Ronnie O’Sullivan in the World Snooker Championship semi-final in 2013. Trump was just about to take his shot when a member of audience couldn’t control their noise movements ..

See it below .. and the comments underneath ..

MORE HERE: 🚨Viewers couldn’t believe what the Scottish fans did as God Save the King rung out for the Northern Ireland anthem .. 😬

I hate when people cant just say whats happening, just say “Oh, well I think someone in the crowd just farted. Did you touch cloth sir? Didnt splash anyone did you?” Lol

the second disruption sounds like someone throwing up, which would explain the other person shouting ‘weetabix’ at 52 secs. 🙂

Probably some funny guy with a fart-ringtone on his phone…

Why does the guy have to be called Trump… oh the irony

People still don’t know what a fart machine is?

It’s the same cheap, fake sound as always… they never bother trying to improve it.

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