(Video) Cristiano Ronaldo produces his most shameless and embarrassing moment yet

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Cristiano Ronaldo produced one of his most self-adoring, embarrassing moments yet during Manchester United’s draw with Burnley last night.

Ronaldo is completely and utterly obsessed with himself – that’s hardly breaking news.

Still, just when you thought that he couldn’t surprise us with that self-obsession, he produces the kind of moment like he did on the subs bench at Turf Moor last night.

As Ronaldo prepared to come onto the pitch, with the Red Devils chasing a goal, he gave a little kiss to a pair of shin-pads that had his own face on them.

It doesn’t get any more ‘Ronaldo’ than this, surely?

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As much as it’s often said in satire, Ronaldo has to be one of very few that you feel actually would spend their life in a loving relationship with themselves, were it possible.

This is as close as it gets to him giving himself a smooch on the lips.

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