🚨Some people were appalled & sickened at what the Leinster fans did to Ronan O’Gara .. 😬

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What a win that was for Leinster on Saturday against Ronan O’Gara’s La Rochelle at a full house at the Aviva Stadium. Some Leinster fans booed Ronan O’Gara at full-time and through out the game, one fan has called out this .. See the tweet below and the comments underneath ..

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I’m a Munster fan & I supported Leinster today because they are representing Ireland  ROG went out of his way to antagonise Leinster so a little booing was to be expected.
With respect, bollix. Munster fan here. ROG is the real mustard who did his thing, as a good coach, with the base in. Cork et al. Of course LEI are not going to like his “behind the lines” prep. Class? Nothing to do with it.
Ah c’mon. O’Gara plays up to the pantomime villain, and he’s thrown a few barbs about Leinster and Dublin in the past. He’s not playing for Munster or Ireland anymore, so he’s fair game.
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  1. Why are you using a picture with my friends and I in whilst making offensive statements?

  2. Please take down the picture of the passionate Leinster fans that were waiting at the Entrance of the stadium, to cheer on the arrival of their team Bus . 2 and and half hours before kick off i might add .
    Your usuage of these pictures is Unclassy , unfair to the people in your picture.

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