The Wolfe Tones have now come out in force for the ladies team

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The Irish band The Wolfe Tones are the latest to come out and support the women’s football team, this is a story that keeps getting bigger and bigger. People are going bad on social media and rightfully so for the line of questioning that was fired at Chole Mustaki from Sky Sports presenter Rob Wotton.

The girls did sing ‘Ooh ah up the ‘Ra’ after their victory last night and have apologised, but the questions that were fired at Chole Mustaki were a bit much for everyones liking. I just hope that Rob Wotton isn’t visiting Ireland anytime soon, he’ll be met with open arms..

MORE HERE: James McClean hits back & reacts to the Irish women’s team singing pro IRA song

Good luck to the women’s team at the World Cup next year and a big congrats from everyone here, on what they achieved.

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  1. Absolutely disgraceful that they get criticism for a song.. 1000s off us they killed 🙏and the late late show with the queen incident.. Fml us paddies gone weak

    1. Is Uefa going to investigate the linfield football club singing fuck the pope and the IRA,,don’t think so there English

  2. Obviously no apology needed from the team.
    If you are offended, get over it. To those looking for an apology , get educated yourselves about the rivers of blood the British Empire caused all through the centuries in countrues all around the globe where they were not invited .

  3. Theres 32 counties in lreland. Ooh ahh up the ra.
    Ireland unfree shall never be a peace. Ftk. Loyalists fuckoff back to scotland have give the land you stole back to the irish . Scum.

  4. Rob is dead right, there needs to be more education………… in english schools, might finally find out why their country is hated by most Irish people.

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