Rio Ferdinand Remembers When Him And Fergie had Dressing Room Bust Up

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Rio Ferdinand recalls a time when he wasn’t happy with Sir Alex Ferguson substitute and let it be known to the manager, it was against Bayern Munich in 2010 in the semi-final of the Champions League.

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“I’ve done things and said things on the pitch and in the tunnel that Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t like and became a big problem at the time,” Ferdinand said on his Vibe with Five YouTube show.

“We were winning 1-0 and he brought Berba [Dimitar Berbatov] on I think.

“I didn’t agree with the substitution and I was waving my arms going ‘what are you doing?’. So then we lost the game 2-1 and I came in the tunnel and I was going crazy.

“I remember [Mark] van Bommel looking at me like (shocked expression). I was screaming down the tunnel going mad, kicking the walls, everything.

“I got in the changing room and I think the manager heard me, and he told one of the guys ‘shut the door’ and he just came above me and started screaming, ‘who do you think you are, don’t ever question anything that I do’.

“I was going back at him ‘you’ve gone against how you’ve told us what we’re meant to do, we get a 1-0 win away from home, we take that, bring them back to our place and you gambled, I didn’t agree with that’.

“I remember Gary Neville was sat next to me and he kept touching me on the shoulder going ‘enough Rio, enough, leave it – you’re not going to win this one’.

“I’m sitting there thinking ‘Nev, you know what I’m saying, you agree with me, now fucking back me now’, but everyone wanted me to leave it.”

“I think deep down he knew I wasn’t coming at these things from an ego point of view, it was all about the good of the team,” said Ferdinand.

“I think anyone who has ever shared a dressing room with me will say I’m a terrible loser and I moaned about everything.

“But I moaned because I wanted the group to be better and I think that was my only saving grace with him. If he thought it was just me trying to flex my muscles and be egotistical, he’d have got me out of the door immediately.”

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