Rio Ferdinand played a massive part in Ronaldo/Rooney reconciliation after the World Cup

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Speaking on Rio Ferdinand’s podcast Vibe with FIVE. The former Manchester United and England defender says that he was one of the main players that got Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo to reconcile after World Cup bust up.

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“I was the one who got them together,”

“Immediately afterwards, Wazza (Rooney) was hot in the changing room. A few people got to him and said ‘it’s not as you might think it is.’

“And then, by the time we’d got in the shower, then we got onto the coaches, I think Cristiano called me and said ‘Ri, can you go and get Wayne? I just want to talk to him and tell him that I didn’t mean anything by it, there was no malice or animosity in what I did. We’re both on the same team, I would never do that, he’s my boy.’

“I went and got Wazza and said ‘listen, Cris wants to talk to you.’ I got him off the coach and I put them together. From that point, I didn’t say anything else, I let them deal with it like men.”

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