“He is not someone who sits back”- Former Manchester United player backs Cristiano Ronaldo’s deliberate ignoring acts against Jamie Carragher

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The former Manchester United and England central defender Rio Ferdinand was speaking on his podcast this week and explained why Ronaldo blanked former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher live on Sky Sports.

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“Knowing Cristiano Ronaldo, Jamie Carragher’s been very vocal about Cristiano Ronaldo being the problem and stuff like that,” Ferdinand said on Vibe with Five.

“Trust me, Cristiano would’ve seen those comments and been thinking walking over there: ‘I’ll just let this guy know with a little…’

“He needs to kind of calm him down, humiliate him and show him up, whatever way you want to dress it up live on TV.

“Cristiano is very calculated, he’s very aware of what’s going on, he’s not somebody who sits at home and switches off.”

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