🚨 Richie Mo’unga sticks the boot in on Owen Farrell – He doesn’t hold back🔥

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The New Zealand out-half Richie Mo’unga has slammed the difference between the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere after the Owen Farrell incident.

“The Farrell incident. Someone who has history and who has been banned earlier this year, for them to turn around and say he’s got a zero-week ban, it’s a slap in the face.

“There are boys in this (All Blacks) camp who feel for (Moala) deeply and a lot of Pacific Island boys in the camp who are pretty gutted about that scenario and the way it’s unfolded. It seems there’s a double standard going on, especially with the Tier Two teams and the Pacific Island nations around how they get judged or how they get treated.”

“You look at someone like Farrell – and I’m not having a go at him personally, he’s a good man, and I adore his skillset and the way he plays footy – but the different way that he and Moala have been judged is shocking.”

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  1. As a player, he should know better and show more respect! I doubt that he’s even read the report.

      1. You mean the one that was swept under the rug report. Lets see what they say about Billy Vunipola.

    1. He’s 100% correct. Double standards all the way. With Farrell’s record, he should have a minminimum 8 week ban.

      1. If world rugby wants a future then there should be consistency not knee jerk reactions doesnt matter the player if rules are made then they should be carried out how many rugby players have looked at what is going on and are trying todissuade their children from playing the game just in case a well known player does what they like and get no action taken

    2. I am totally bemused by Taskers comments. Have you actually followed what’s happened. Here we have a very good player who simply cannot tackle. This leaves other players in a very vulnerable position that could result in serious injuries. Going in shoulder first with no intention of using his arms is reckless and worthy of a longer ban than received. England can affirm fancy expensive lawyers that others cannot. Not fair on other nations

  2. What report? Ritchie is on the money here and only one with tunnel vision and a bias streak will react the way you do

  3. I’m in England, and I think Farrell should be out for the whole world cup. Not just because he can’t tackle, but the man made 1.6m on average with the ball in 2022, beat no defenders, and had no clean line-breaks. His kicking is all he gets picked for, and frankly he’s not known for creating good relations with the match officials either, so the less we see of him in the shirt, the better.

  4. Decision will set a precedent for entire Cup. ‘Yes you can tackle as you wish, or no it’s too dangerous’.

  5. It was always gonna happen !
    It seems He’s untouchable ( Farrell )
    Can and will always get away with foul play imo !
    God forbid he will be banned with World Cup 2 weeks away !
    1 rule for England and a different rule for the rest of the world ! Imo !
    Outrageous ! Scandalous !

  6. I like Owen Farrell as a player but this is a joke it’s the third such tackle this year and it was unacceptable that he’s not received any ban I have witnessed tackling not as bad get bans for other player’s so it seems like there’s double standards being practiced

  7. Each case needs to be judged on its own merits or demerits and Owen Farrell has been playing on the edge of acceptable tackle technique for more than a few seasons and should consider himself lucky to have ended up with the 3 match ban.

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