🚨Mason Greenwood set to speak for the first time to the media with his manager, details released

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The Manchester United and England striker Mason Greenwood is set to do a TV interview with his manager Erik ten Hag, that’s according to reports on twitter anyways. This would be huge and incredible, if the reports are true, United are obviously planning on trying to get the striker back into their squad gradually, will this work..?

“Manchester United are assessing options for Mason Greenwood amid an internal investigation. A TV interview and therapy as part of phased return is one possibility – but cutting ties is not ruled out.”

That’s according to The Athletic 

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Will we see the talented youngster ever play in the Premier League again..? The more time goes on, the more unlikely it seems,

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    1. If it’s true it’s brilliant news but he must have support from not just Eric ten hagg but also the team and senior management he will face a lot of hurdles in front of him but with the right support he will overcome and hopefully be a better person for it good luck mason to you and your family to be now let us all see you shine once again

  1. He has not been found guilty of anything in a court of law. Meanwhile his life has been on pause for such a long time, the sooner he gets back to training every day the sooner football supporters will witness his remarkable talent and skills playing in our top league.

    1. He was not found guilty because he has manipulated the situation, he is a rapist and a horrible person and should never be aloud to play for our club again

      1. Go and watch badminton 😲😲😲😲he wasn’t found guilty meaning he didn’t do it ❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

      2. Jenior van persey l really miss and can’t wait to see you playing again, hopefully you should be more careful now.

      3. You are too rude on greenwood, remember he’s a human like you, nobody is perfect and if the court did not find him guilty, then who are you to stop him from playing for man United.

      4. If you want to support the Red. Liverpool are just a few miles down the road. Support them. Old Trafford is for Winners which MG is one. He won one of the biggest battles of his life so far and was found INNOCENT in a court of law.

    2. He’s a talented boy with a hood future a head of him why put him through all this while proven innocent in court of law. Let the boy be back in the squad we miss alote

    3. He was not found guilty because evidence was not tried in a court of law. This happened because his money meant more to the victim than justice and solidarity with other victims. Man U should offload him asap as he will destroy the dressing room

  2. If charges were dropped why not just include him on the team to start training I miss him on the pitch.

  3. Man is to error, even if it’s true, forgive n let the young talented boy back to the pitch I beg….I miss him

  4. Mason Greenwood is one of the best young talented footballers in the UK,I believe he deserves a chance to play again for Manchester United..we miss him United miss him.

  5. That’s a great news and some relief,I can’t wait to see Greenwood play in United shirts again.
    Let bygones be bygones and so on….GGMU

  6. I think he should be absorbed back into the team gradually.”..why not he has be cleared of all charges

  7. We all live and abide by the law. The going man has been discharged and acquainted by the law. We are missing his raw talent and a reliable for Anthony.

  8. There are so many people in this world who killed many people n were not even brought to book,why not even forgive mason ,imagine the war in Ukraine,u think women are not being abused there,the world is watching but here judging Greenwood

  9. CPS should put the additional evidence into the public domain. I have no doubt that evidence and the obviously fake cut lip photo will vindicate his innocence.

  10. I can’t wait to see him back in Manchester United Sports casual wears.
    I love him,we love him and Uganda love him.

  11. I miss you Mason hope you’re doing great i misd your on the pitch coming from the right flank🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯👑

  12. I miss you Mason hope you’re doing great your on the pitch coming from the right flank🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯👑

  13. As humans we are quick to judge and call him names. If the courts haven’t proved him guilty so he is innocent. I would really love to see him in that no 11 jersey again and scoring. Great news hope it happens. We love you Mason

  14. Brilliant news if its true. The man is a serious footballer and has been proven innocent with all charges dropped. I really hope we see him in a united Jersey again.

  15. You got to get the facts right ,the case was dropped witnesses dropped out,there was no court case to findhim guilty or not guilty read up on it do your research before you comment

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