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For those of you who don’t know who Ray Hudson is, here is a brief description of the descriptive Geordie.

Ray Hudson is an English retired professional footballer and former manager who currently works as an English-language football commentator on beIN Sports in America.

Hudson has a thick Geordie accent which originates from a city called Newcastle in England. The 65-year-old has become famous for his unique commentary style and some of his quotes will blow your mind.

We’ve compiled a list of our Top 20 quotes from Hudson about Barcelona’s little magician Lionel Messi.

Without further adieu, here they are, enjoy:

1. “Arrives like a witch on a broomstick and produces the hocus pocus in front of goal.”


2. “In the United States, we give hurricanes a name. If they ever call one Lionel Messi, you’d better evacuate, people.”
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3. “He arrives like a ghost in the night. There ain’t any tracking of him….X-rays couldn’t track this guy down.”


4. “Welcome to Lionel’s world, Where the insane becomes the predictable.”


5 . “Lionel Messi, you could drop a tarantula into his shorts and he’ll still be cool.”


6. “Again.. Where the insane becomes the routine with this man. He is nothing less than a ball whisperer.”


7. “AAHHH!!!!!…. Excuse me for being excited people, but we’ve just witnessed a goal that would wake up a catatonic! Astonishing skill that literally takes the breath away. Phenomenal football and there’s no answer to that. You can’t coach against this. It’s pure genius is what it is!”


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8. “On penalty assist– He’s absolutely shakespearean, The Shakespeare got it wrong. It wasn’t King Lear, it’s King Leo!”


9. “Defenders try to follow him on Facebook and he comes out on Twitter, that’s how evasive he is.”


10. “I tell you what, if Issac Newton was watching this man, he would be saying boy was I wrong? Astonishing from Lionel. Sweeter than a mother’s kiss at bed time.”


11. “Do you wanna know what pure adrenaline looks like, in the human form? This is what it looks like and it’s wearing a number 10 shirt.”
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12. “Messi invents passing lanes, he doesn’t look for them.”


13. “Footballing’s bird of paradise is fluffing his feathers beautifully.”


14. “Angles mean nothing to this man – he could decorate a rose and make it look better.”

15. “He soaks up the defenders like a paper towel soaks up milk.”


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16. “He abides in the magnetic spectrum of genius with the ball. Pure footballing magic.”


17. “Lionel Messi, the nerve of a cat burglar. He’s as cool as the seeds inside a cucumber.”


18. “They tell me that all men are equal in the eyes of god but this man seriously makes you think about those words.”


19. “Waahhh.. are you kidding me? This man is absolutely mainline to pure footballing magic that belongs in a different galaxy altogether.”


20. “It is like…he’s playing a tambourine on his knee.”



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