🚨Rassie Erasmus takes on the whole of World Rugby as the man has had enough! 🤬

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The South African coach Rassie Erasmus loves a bit of chat on twitter and today the former Munster manager wasn’t happy with some of the content put up on RugbyPass and he let his feelings known online.

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I stopped reading RugbyPass a while back due to them being so anti South African. Same with Rugby365.

This makes a lot of sense and understand now why

has been baiting South African rugby for months now. Being a paid shill really does compromise your integrity!

If Scotland even wins i will see it at match fixing, never mind 21 points with a bonus
Yeah they backtracking, they are forming ranks against us. South Africa, assemble!
Rassie did u ever imagine that we have so much people either scared or fear us.?
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