🚨Rassie gave a cold answer when asked if Ireland are the best team in the world right now .. 🥶

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The South African coach Rassie Erasmus was asked if Ireland are the best team in the world, despite the Springboks winning the Rugby World Cup, less than six months ago ..

He said the following;

We don’t really listen to what other people are saying.

We try to stay in own reality, which is the waarheid (trueness), you know sometimes we can have our own reality and not also be as honest with ourselves and to be much better or much worse than we are

If other people think that Englands the best or Irelands the best it can’t make a difference with the way we prepare, the way we select our team, the way we operate, the way we represent this country and the love we have for the Springbok, so things like that you hear it but it’s not something we write down in a notebook and discuss later.


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    1. That doesn’t make you the best sorry to tell you. It’s a tiny moment in rugby not the full picture

      1. It’s like saying the pinnacle of Mt Everest is just a small piece of the mountain. It’s that piece that all the climbers want.

      2. Exactly, best team is fleeting, most successful is loooong lasting.
        Ireland “may be” a great team now, but are definately the most unsuccessful in history, 10 attempts, sero progress past quarter finsls.
        That means, Never, ever, ever won a kmock out game in RWC.
        South Africa is the most successfull ever, won 4 out of 8 attempts, each time they wone EVERY knocknout game!

        So really, a perceptive “best” for a moment is not really exciting SA……

        Please enjoy your moment…micro moment.

  1. Bunch of losers, the Irish.
    They are the world champions bitch.
    If, if, if.
    If my aunty had balls she’d be my uncle.

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