🚨Tense moment goes viral of Rassie calling out Siya Kolisi in front of the Springbok squad .. 😬

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The documentary Chasing the Sun has been released in South Africa and there’s clips going viral online of team talks etc .. One clip that is doing the rounds is a brilliant team talk of the Springbok coach Rassie Erasmus calling out the Springbok captain Siya Kolisi

See it below with some of the comments underneath ..

Be proud to play for the Springboks. Siya is not the biggest thing in South Africa, South Africa is the biggest thing in South Africa. You sing all these songs but you you are false, you pretend.

Rassie shuld blame management for that loss. Can’t go into a game like that with an erratic goal kicker where margins r razor thin.Why’s he swearing down the team. They gave their all in that game. 8 points were lost not from lack of effort, but missed kicks.

Without this uit kak …we wouldn’t of won world cup .. he knew what to do to get best out of his players …He called Siya out cos he knew the players would rally behind there leader….why u think these boys could dig so deep in 3 one point wins?

The Springbok players are trapped with this coach. He’s not good for the Springboks, South Africa, rugby. This about rugby, not life and death. Rugby, not Ukraine or Gaza. I bet the players would prefer a new coach.

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  1. Rassie was there 2 worldcups before he win in 2019 and 2023. He knows how to feel to be a looser and a winner. So let that man do his job to make us as South Africans proud. There was no time to get a kop dokter too speak to them the coach was there he must do it. The results we win. We make history…..

    1. Rassie and Siya are a great combination. They understand team protocol and has proven it well.
      Go for the hatrick guys.

    2. I agree with Rassie. These guys of us are tough and they know Rassie’s way of talking and swearing. It’s not a personal thing against the players. He just means business to motivate them. You are as good as the last World cup you won. He is motivating the guys to play for the next world cup and reminding them if you are a springbok you are playing for South Africa that is all. So you are in or you are out specially I’d you playing for a overseas team and won’t be able to be here for the training with the entire team on the entire journey.

  2. Rassie knows better than anyone, that to get the best out of a “windgat” (someone who has bought into their own hype and feel entitled), you need to bump them back down to earth fairly brutally, restore humility by reminding them how privileged they are to be playing for the Springboks, because he has been that guy. He’s said as much.

    1. Rassie is best in what he is doing, he is the reason from the players got World acknowledgement. And we have the most disciplined players

      1. Is it really necessary to swear like that? If I was a player this language would immediately demotivate me. He is breaking them down, not building them up. What an idiot. No management skills.

        1. This swearing is nothing, remember when the team was stripped naked in a mud pool… won’t mention coaches names.

    1. In virtually every rugby change room across the globe there is a lot of swearing. Guys know that language, for it’s the true feelings coming out expressed in the way tough rugged b*st*rds understand. Each one to his own. Don’t watch this then.

  3. Edwin I agree with you this is the language rugby players understand and talk it’s absolutely normal,there is no place for etiquette in the change room at half time

  4. You have clearly newer been in charge of a team, these are hard men even seen as warriors so please keep your unvalidated comments to yourself and go and sit in the corner and piss yourself.

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