There was nearly war outside Anfield last night as Liverpool fans sang ‘Lizzie’s in a box’ to the Rangers fans

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Liverpool fans were trying to draw out Rangers fans prior to the big Champions League tie at Anfield Stadium last night by signing ‘Lizzies’ in a box’ to the Rangers fans heading into the stadium. Luckily this didn’t escalate into something more. It was a vital win for Liverpool last night as there’s good competition in this group with Napoli and Ajax in the group also. So far this season has been disappointing for the Reds.

Could they add another Champions League to their collection though, Liverpool will get better and better as the season goes on… Big six weeks of club football ahead to look forward to..

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Where do you see Liverpool finishing in the league this season? Lot of work to be done for Jurgen Klopp and his men after a slow start…

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  1. Non story! You really believe a handful of schoolkids chanting very poorly constitutes a story?! The scandal is your level of journalism. Trying to stir up trouble when there is none. You must be desperate. How much did you pay the schoolkids by the way?

  2. Totally agree with Mr. Dawkins. Level of journalism is really the pits. Do these twats actually get paid for their drivel reporting.

  3. Liverpool is a predominatly Catholic city with a Huge population of people with irish heritage , so basically they are a bit like celtic hence the l9ve they show rangers fans

  4. That surprises me as Liverpool are traditionally a loyalist club. Their natural allies are traditionally Rangers, not Celtic who are traditionally alligned with Roman Catholic Man Utd. Liverpool were formed by a leading Orangeman, John Houlding, which is why the city’s Catholics historically supported Everton.

    All the same, traditions change over years and maybe this is the case at Anfield. One thing those philistines cannot change is this: no matter how much their fans try their club is Protestant by nature, it was formed by Orangemen, an extreme Protestant fraternity, and the head of that church in England is the British monarch.

    Maybe these fans are supporting the wrong team if they are anti monarch and, it must be imagined, anti-Protestant. Maybe they should consider supporting a proper traditional cultural club like Man Utd!!

    Good job these anti-Monarch songs were sang at Anfield, if it had been at Old Trafford our ground woukd have been closed.

  5. Because they are working class people that don’t want demonic elite establishment parasites ruling over them!

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