Rami & His Funny Gift to the French Players of the France Team Before the Euro!

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Adil Rami was keen to give a gift to the players of the France team before Euro 2020, one of the most popular events for bookmakers and where Sports Betting is breaking records. Sacred 2018 World Champion, Adil Rami will follow the matches of the France team from a distance this summer. But the French defender, who played this season at Boavista, still found a way to set the mood in the group before Euro 2020. The 35-year-old revealed that he intended to offer the Blues a gift a bit special to bring luck to the France team.

Adil Rami Will Give Fire Extinguishers to France Team Players!

“They will receive a gift in a few days. Well, that’s going to make people laugh, but it’s going to get people talking,” he said, all smiles, before saying more about this surprise. “I gave them 26 small, personalized fire extinguishers, each their own. I really wanted to give them this gift.” An unusual object that will bring back fond memories to those who, among the players selected by Didier Deschamps, were already present in Russia three years ago.

A Funny Memory with the France Team!

Why a fire extinguisher? Quite simply to return to an episode of the 2018 World Cup in which the world champion had been one of the main actors, after the victory in the round of 16 against Argentina (4-3) in Russia. It is indeed with a fire extinguisher, lit in the rooms and corridors of the players’ hotel in Istra, that Adil Rami had caused the evacuation of the players and the staff in the very eventful night which had followed the eighth final. against Argentina (4-3). “There were about fifteen of us in a restaurant,” he said. And when we got home, with the vibe, we started singing in the hallways. True to myself, I got on with my helmet, naked, and played Fortnite in my bedroom. In the halls, it sang, it sang, and the players banged room by room to wake us up. I felt the storm coming towards me. As soon as there was one unfortunate enough to open his door, they would turn the beds, etc. I had taken a fire extinguisher from my room. Security against the players … When they got home, it was Ghostbuster! The scene turned to disaster. “Honestly, I was scared,” added Adil Rami. I thought to myself: I’m going to get fired. At first there was smoke all over the hall. I didn’t know the fire extinguisher system. It was madness. It was the Velodrome. We couldn’t see each other three feet away in the hallways. Everyone was running, singing, hitting each other… There was the alarm… Everyone left the hotel, the employees and everything, Didier Deschamps also in his pyjamas. When I saw him coming towards us, I thought to myself: Ah, shit. And when I saw the security coming, the police, the fire department, I thought, I’m dead. But the manager didn’t say anything. It was a very good and wonderful moment for the players during this World Cup in Russia. An incident which could have had serious consequences for him, but which will remain in the legend, Didier Deschamps having decided not to sanction him. Hopefully this gift will bring good luck to the French.

Team France in Round 16

The players of the France team who are in the round of 16, even before having faced Portugal in the third match of group F. The players of Didier Deschamps have four points on the clock and given the results of groups B and C this Monday, here they are in the top 16 of the competition. Austria’s victory against Ukraine combined with Russia’s defeat against Denmark on the evening already valid the tricolour ticket.

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