Radio station to boycott Jose Mourinho pressers after “unpleasant and inappropriate” comments

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An Italian radio station has decided to boycott AS Roma manager Jose Mourinho after he was rude to one of their reporters at a press conference.

Mourinho is never going to win any awards for being a nice bloke, especially when it comes to addressing the media after a negative result. AS Roma have had a fair few of those as of late, with The Special One’s emotions reaching the tipping point.

After three defeats in the space of five games, Mourinho could do with some sympathy from the media, but instead, he’s managed to alienate radio station Retesport with his rotten treatment of reporter Marco Juric.

Juric’s question and Mourinho’s response are quoted in a report on the matter by The Sun.

MJ: “It’s been six months since you signed for Roma, would you change anything that you’ve done in terms of choices, statements, requests or anything that you’ve done?”

JM: “You are here in practically every press conference, but either you are very intelligent and you want people to think you are not or you are not intelligent at all. I want to think you’re intelligent but you like to do what you do.”

The question from Juric was not antagonising in the slightest. It’s not entirely clear why Mourinho felt it necessary to lash out in the manner that he did.

Jose Mourinho’s fortunes in Rome have taken a turn for the worse

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With the Roma boss’ comments being so rude, unprovoked and personal, it’s no surprise that Retesport released a statement defending their reporter and have decided to boycott future press conferences.

“Retesport, in expressing solidarity with Marco Juric regarding the unpleasant and inappropriate response received from Mr Jose Mourinho in the press room last Saturday, have decided to suspend its participation in press conferences in order to avoid further exploitation of questions posed in a polite and completely legitimate manner.”

“We wish the Giallorossi coach to work harder and harder in raising the fortunes of the team and to focus his attention on possible technical solutions, avoiding spectacular outbursts that, at this moment, we consider completely inappropriate.”

“Always Forza Roma.”

Mourinho has developed a real knack for turning people against him. The man who used to be the media’s darling has now become their enemy – and all through his own doing.

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