Qatari local says fans took pictures of Miss Croatia to ‘report her’ 不

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A Qatari citizen has taken to Twitter to justify the men who were caught taking a picture of Miss Croatia.

Ivana Knoll, better known as Miss Croatia, caught the attention of some Qatari fans as she made her way down the stadium steps. The Qatari fans who were there to watch Croatias opening game against Morocco couldnt help but change their eye line.

With two fans, in particular, taking the opportunity to whip out their phones and get a lasting memory. But unfortunately for them, they were caught on camera.

The model was wearing a chequered red and white bikini along with red leggings, as a show of support for her nation.

A Qatari local took to Twitter to explain that the men were taking photos to report Knoll for her outfit.

This wouldve been a rare sight for the two men who are used to the strict Qatar dress code.

Do you think they sent the photos to the authorities or do they still have the photos saved on their phone?

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  1. Poor girl!!! That’s not how Miss act dear! You look like a ho…r looking who pay more!! some respect to your country and coroati women .

    1. Always makes me laugh whe men think they should be allowed to say what they want about a woman’s appearance we shoukd be allowed to wear what we like wheb we like without being judge. You don’t see woman telling you what your wearing makes you look bad

  2. All lies, they took it to play with there small PPs later. I hope they got into a crash after they left the stadium and lost both legs and arms. Let see if they can take pictures again after that!!! Fingers crossed

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