Why Are So Many Fans Criticising the Timing of Qatar 2022?

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The FIFA World Cup 2022 is set to take place in Qatar from November 21 to December 18. Ireland’s hopes may have been quashed this year, but Irish football fans are getting increasingly hyped about viewing the event. However, the World Cup is receiving its share of criticism from the media and fans from across the globe, and it’s all because of the timing. For the first time in the event’s history, it will be taking place late in the year, owing to Qatar’s extreme climate in the summer. Of course, the temperature in winter is expected to be only slightly cooler, averaging between 21ºC and 22.8ºC. There is another problem with the date: its effect on the Premier League

Qatar 2022 and the Premier League: Too Close for Comfort?

Qatar 2022 will definitely be an event to remember, but it certainly isn’t the only one being bookmarked by football fans. In fact, English fans of Premier League football are looking forward to catching the action taking place in the UK. Many are excited about playing Premier League Bingo, lotteries, and other games related to this sport. Others are saving to buy their tickets to watch matches live, with the League set to start in August 2022. The English have questioned the validity of the World Cup being held in the Winter, and their concerns have been shared by Spanish, Italian, German, and Dutch organisations and fans. This is because these countries’ international sides comprise players that would have to play a World Cup smack bang in the middle of the League. While some countries have a Winter break, not all do. Moreover, even those that do have a Winter break will hardly have time to rest, as they will be forced to give their all at the World Cup. 

Qatar’s Response to the Heated Debate on the Weather

Another criticism is Qatar’s weather. Some journalists claim that the World Cup should have been held in the summer, despite the heat (so as not to interfere with the Premier League). However, summer temperatures in Qatar could rise to around 105.8ºF, a fact which could take its toll on the players’ health and wellbeing (not to mention that of live audiences). The World Cup organisers say they will be developing air-conditioned stadiums and cooling down entire neighbourhoods. Qatar is said to be investing a whopping £137bn leading up to the event and in addition to air conditioning, passive cooling techniques will be used (including shading and blowing in cooled air). While these efforts are welcomed in terms of player health, the question remains as to whether or not utilising these techniques in the summer could have had the same effect, without interfering with other tournaments.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 promises to be as exciting as always. For some countries, the event date (Winter 2022) will not affect their own tournaments, since most of their top players are currently playing in international teams. However, for the UK and countries like Spain, Italy, and Germany, the World Cup will leave League players tired, without the time they need to rest between two such important competitions. The complaints are food for thought. Should aspects such as the weather be taken into account when deciding who should host such a major event? Many would argue that the answer is “Yes.”


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