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The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is getting closer and since the qualifications are almost over, we can start with some predictions. 

Most of the favorites have qualified and despite that we are still months from the tournament and that many thing things could change until November (squad, injuries, form, etc.) the inner circle of favorites will probably remain unchanged.

Therefore, we’ve decided to team up with Foxbonus Ireland and give you our 2 cents about the biggest favorites and our expectations regarding their performance in the tournament. The list is based on the odds provided by major bookies, such as 888Sport and Paddy Power.

Brazil (5/1 888Sport; 9/2 Paddy Power)

Throughout the history of the World Cup, Brazil has always been among the favorites. This time, bookies give this team the biggest chance to win the tournament. If you wonder why, there are so many reasons why everyone expects excellent performance. First of all, the team’s form was excellent during the CONMEBOL qualifications, which are the hardest qualifications by far. There is one more game to be played again the arch rival Argentina but so far, the record is 14 wins, 3 draws and no defeats, with a goal difference of +35.

Another reason why this team is the biggest favorite is its squad. It may not be full of superstars like it was in some previous tournaments, but the team looks extremely balanced, with strong defense and very disciplined midfield, while magicians at the front are there to make a difference.

What might go wrong? The last time Brazil won the World Cup was two decades ago and since then, the team has never reached the finale. The public pressure has become unbearable.

Our Prediction: Top Four

France (6/1 888Sport; 11/2 Paddy Power)

According to bookies, France is the second-biggest favorite. We think this team has the best players in the world and by far the deepest squad, with several excellent players in each position. They’ve ended qualifications pretty easily.

The main reason why France isn’t the first favorite is probably the fact that underperformed last year at the Euro 2020. Still, this is a very experienced team, full of superstars and with a great coach, and we are sure they will perform much better in Qatar.

What might go wrong? No country since Brazil in 1958 and 1962 has won back-to-back World Cups.

Our Prediction: Finale

England (7/1 888Sport; 11/2 Paddy Power)

After so many disappointing tournaments in the last five decades, England finally had a good tournament in Russia, when they reached the semi-finals. Furthermore, they had another great tournament last year at Euro 2020, when they were misfortunate to lose the finale against Italy.

Besides the great squad, it looks like the England team finally has the mentality to do something more and maybe even win the World Cup.

What might go wrong? History taught us that there are so many things that could go wrong with this national team.

Our Prediction: Top Four

Spain (7/1 888Sport; 15/2 Paddy Power)

The current Spain national team may not look as impressive as the one that won the 2010 World Cup, but they are still a respectable team, with a balanced squad, full of excellent technicians. Also, the performance in qualifications was pretty good, so we have no doubt that Spanish players are going to the tournament with a lot of confidence.

What might go wrong? Spain ended up in Group E, along with Germany. So, there’s a good chance that they won’t the first place and get the privileged position for the knockout phase.

Our Prediction: Quarter-Finals

Germany (9/1 888Sport; 8/1 Paddy Power)

After the disappointing performance in Russia, it looks like the German team is back on the track. The new coach put things together and the four-time World Cup winner is once again a well-oiled machine. It may not be full of superstars as it was in the last couple of tournaments but it is still an excellent team, which performed very well in qualifications.

What might go wrong? Just like in the case of Spain, they could finish the group phase in second place and then go on a much harder opponent in the first knockout stage.

Our Prediction: Quarter-Finals

Argentina (9/1 888Sport; 9/1 Paddy Power)

Although it isn’t full of superstars like previous generations, the current Argentina squad is very balanced and performs extremely well. The team has finally won a trophy last year at Copa America and they are now facing the fact that this is most likely Messi’s last chance to win the World Cup. The team performed well in the CONMEBOL qualification and ended behind Brazil. Also, the group phase shouldn’t be too complicated.

What might go wrong? Too much reliance on superstars like Messi and Di Maria. If one of them is out, this squad is no longer among the biggest favorites.

Our Prediction: Top Four

Belgium (12/1 888Sport; 11/1 Paddy Power)

This is probably the best generation Belgium has ever had and despite great performances in the last couple of tournaments, they managed to lose the most important games. This may be bad luck only, but also a mentality issue. Also, key players like Eden Hazard and Romel Lukaku are not having best seasons of their lives.

What might go wrong? Besides great quality, this squad is also prone to injuries.

Our Prediction: Quarter-Finals

Portugal (12/1 888Sport; 14/1 Paddy Power)

Ronaldo and the fellowship didn’t have a spectacular qualification campaign and they’ve managed to qualify only after the play-offs. Still, this squad has great quality, full of experienced players who know how to perform at big tournaments. That’s why we believe they could be one of the overachievers in Qatar.

What might go wrong? Too many veterans in the squad is a great thing in terms of experience but they may struggle to keep pace with younger opponents.

Our Prediction: Quarter-Finals

Those would be the biggest favorites for the upcoming World Cup tournament. Of course, there are many other teams that have the quality to surprise and make a good result, just like Croatia did four years ago. Some of the underdogs that come to our minds are teams like the Netherlands, Denmark, Croatia, Uruguay etc.

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