Pundit believes Harry Maguire should take England’s second penalty if they reach a shootout

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Sky Sports pundit Sue Smith believes that Harry Maguire should step up to take England’s second penalty if they find themselves in a shootout.

You always want your best penalty takers up front, so you can set the tone for the rest of the team. Statistically the team who scores first has a better chance of winning, with more penalties being missed the longer the shootout continues.

An international tournament can regularly be decided on penalties, as England found out against Italy last year. So it’s very important to put together a list of your best five players to step up.

Smith, who was talking on Sky Sports this morning, said that she would put Maguire second on that list.

Although Maguire hasn’t taken a lot of penalties in his career, he did smash one top corner against Italy in last year’s final.

If you had to choose a five-player list of English penalty takers, who would you pick?

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