“Yes. I want to go” – Top talent reveals he is desperate to sign for Chelsea

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Dynamo Moscow prospect Arsen Zakharyan has confirmed his desire to sign for Chelsea.

Chelsea have made a habit over the years of recruiting top talent from around Europe. As has been well documented, not every player has decided to stick around.

Chelsea have profited off of most of them, which has helped them bankroll major transfer after major transfer, but more young talent is always on their wish list.

The Blues’ life has been made easier in this instance, with one of the most exciting up-and-coming wingers on the planet seemingly desperate to sign for them.

There was talk about young Arsen Zakharyan joining Chelsea over the summer, but sanctions put upon Russia made it difficult for a deal to be completed.

Nevertheless, Zakharyan still appears keen on making the move to Stamford Bridge over any other club and is seemingly prepared to remain patient to get a deal done.

Chelsea will be hoping for a swift conclusion before he changes his mind, because Zakharyan will certainly have suitors elsewhere – he could be one of the best.