Petition to PROSECUTE cat-kicker Kurt Zouma soars past milestone amid fan outrage

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A petition to PROSECUTE West Ham defender Kurt Zouma soared beyond 70,000 signatures last night, reports the Daily Mail.

Zouma sparked outrage on social media yesterday after a video did the rounds of the French centre-back kicking and slapping his cat. His actions were immediately condemned by his employers, but David Moyes STILL decided to start him against Watford in the Premier League.

Needless to say, Zouma’s inclusion in the starting XI only intensified fan anger, with many clearly fearing that he is going to get away with it all without suffering any severe punishment. As is reported by the Daily Mail, fans are beginning to take matters into their own hands.

Kurt Zouma (pictured) started for West Ham last night against Watford

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The report claims that a petition to prosecute Zouma for abusing his cat surpassed 70,000 signatures last night, with momentum building against the former Chelsea star. The Metropolitan Police have, at least so far, neglected to take any action against Zouma.

You wonder just how much pressure from the public it would take for them to change their stance. Although, the force have already made it pretty clear that they have no intention of investigating crimes retrospectively, so we could be bang out of luck.

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  1. Disgusting behaviour and needs serious punishment. Any animal cruelty is not acceptable. Action must be taken. Poor cat 😞

    1. Being a celebrity,has more chances in their favour. Should have been suspended by club,but west ham have no morals,as do anyone supporting what he did

  2. We must not allow this kind of behaviour towards animals. He is very much in the public eye and should be setting a good example to the younger generation on and off the pitch!

    1. Should be prosecuted let’s face it was awful the way he did it and laughed as he did it wasn’t done in a rage was done for sick entertainment.

  3. Should be prosecuted and treated how he treated those poor cats. No animal should go though that and the person who held the Camera should be prosecuted as well because she was giggling. Chuck him off the team,

  4. Disgraceful that David Moyes put him in the team. His pitiful excuse was that he wanted to win the match. Presumably he would have still wanted to win the match if Zouma had been accused of rape or child abuse. Does that mean he would still have put him in the team? If yes it is horrific. If no then what he means is his offence was not important. Of course, Moyes has always been a total waste of space.

  5. Absolute total cruelty, a man his size kicking a small animal 😡should never be a allowed to kick a ball again he is pure scum

  6. Hope u will be happy when he is in jail and loses his career for this.
    U people are merciless. God see u through this

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