🚨 Prince Naseem Hamed will fight Jake Paul on one condition

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‘Prince’ Naseem Hamed hasn’t fought since 2002 and ended his career with a record of (36-1) 

During an interview on TalkSPORT last week, Hamed was asked whether he would consider fighting Jake Paul ahead of his bizarre clash with Mike Tyson on July 20th.

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Goldstein asked: “If Jake Paul offered you £20million, would you fight him?”

Prince Naz responded: “Jake Paul? Jake Paul doesn’t mean anything to me. £20m, what is £20m?

“£20m, £100m, £200m doesn’t change my lifestyle. I am a man that gets on his hands and knees and puts his head on the floor five times a day. I’m humble. It ain’t about that.”

The boxing legend then teased a comeback but only if the money went to a charitable cause.

He continued: “You need to understand something, fighting for a country for somebody to do well, for somebody to raise money, an obscene amount of money, then I could think about that.

“And I could get out of bed and do some serious training and get fit and maybe do it. For that, yes.”

On returning to the ring he added:

“Stranger things have happened.”

“I set my legacy in an amazing way in this boxing world and took it to the dizzy heights of boxing.

“It’s hard for anybody to reach that kind of level. But I’m from, a country that’s not well off.

“My parents are from a country, Yemen, and I would fight for that country to contribute to them in charitable ways. And the same for Palestine. We stand for Palestine, man.

“As a father now, it hits my heart, what’s happening in the Middle East, what’s happened in Palestine and what’s happening in Yemen, and the poverty.

“That’s the only time that really deep down in my heart I’d want to fight, to do something on that basis [to raise money].

“So I’d love to go into training and, you never know, if we could do like me, and my three sons all on one card in the Middle East, that would be one of my dreams.”

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