Premier League tighten Covid-19 rules

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The Premier League has issued a new letter with new rules to be sent out to all Premier League clubs. These now tightened rules have been issued after multiple players from multiple clubs have been seen to break Covid-19 rules and are yet to face punishment. These rule breakings have coincided with a huge jump in cases across the UK and the League is clearly unhappy with the example players are setting for the rest of the country.

Clubs can now face punishments if players step out of line and investigations will be started into the players, Benjamin Mendy celebrated New Years with a party where he even attempted to hire a β€œbig bum Latina” from a modelling agency. These are the kinds of things that Premier League is looking to crack down on.

Pictures courtesy of Sky Sports News

They have also issued new guidelines around travelling to games and even the eating in team canteens at training grounds. The League is trying to halt the outbreak in the League rather than halting the League as a whole, do you think the League should be stopped until the virus is under control?

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